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Jaidah Automotive is proud to announce that Service Advisor, Mohamed Abelaziz succeeded in being the first I CARE Dealer winner of 2016, and received a trip to Manchester in April 2017 as a prize. Abdelaziz was selected from over 10 dealer nominations, coming in from all areas within the Dealer Networks, the selection was made through careful consideration and whether they embody the CARE behaviors to CONNECT – ANSWER – REPRESENT – EXCEED.Mohamed Abdelaziz is a true example of the customer-centric culture at Jaidah Automotive.

General Motors kicked the I CARE Awareness through the Dealer Roadshows from August last year, encouraging, observing and nominating GM and Dealership employees who are living the core values in their everyday work, and launched the I CARE Awards to Dealers in Q4 2016.

The winning story submitted of Jaidah Automotive’s Mohamed Abelaziz:

“It all began at the Qatar Classic Squash tournament, when Mohamed went to watch the semi-final game with his family. His attention quickly went to the family sitting next to him when he heard them talking about their plans to purchase a new car “sedan model” and they were comparing Ford and Nissan models. Mohamed slowly started to approach them in a nice way talking about their expectation for the final match winners, etc.

Later, he intentionally met them in the parking. He showed them his Cruze LTZ, its features and the

options it was loaded with. He also shared his experience with it for family use. Finally, he informed them

that he works for Chevrolet, and gave them some technical information as a Service staff about the

vehicle and the cost of service maintenance. Mohamed went beyond and offered them to use his car for a day. The customer was initially surprised and hesitated, but later his wife was impressed with the vehicle options, color, and leather interiors.So, finally they accepted to collect Mohamed’s vehicle to test it out. The next day they called Mohamed to give the vehicle back and Mohamed informed them he would be at the Salwa Showroom at that time to give a better approach for closing the deal. When they reached the Showroom they saw the Malibu NG 2017 model and got more attracted with its new shape, design and options.At that moment, the family decided to go for Malibu NG! The family was really impressed by the coincidence to meet with Mohamed and that led him to make the right choice at the right moment of a new Chevrolet!”