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Six ways Chevrolet can prevent or reduce

your chances of a collision.

Sometimes the fear of a collision can adversely affect the confidence of new drivers. However, with the active safety features in some Chevrolet models that warn you of danger even before you see it, driving is safer than ever. Here are six ways that some Chevrolet models can prevent or reduce your chances of a collision.

It will tell you if a crash is impending!

With its Forward Collision Alert Using camera technology, this advanced feature alerts you to slowing vehicles detected in your path. Drivers can set the following distance indicator to Far, Medium, Near or Off.

It will even brake for you at low speeds!

Travelling below 80 km/h Chevrolet’s Low Speed Forward Automatic Braking system can sense that a front-end collision with a detected vehicle is imminent. This available feature automatically applies the brakes to potentially help reduce the severity of impact. It may even help avoid an accident altogether at very low speed, making city driving safer than ever.

It’ll safely keep you in your lane!

Poor lane discipline is one of the biggest reasons of collision. Chevrolet’s Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning reads the markings on the road, and if you unintentionally drift from your lane, the available system provides gentle steering wheel turns to help you get your vehicle back in place if you don’t take action.

Parking is easier than ever!

Parking in tight urban spaces can be daunting for new drivers, however it’s easier and safer than ever with Chevrolet’s available Rear Vision Camera. As you shift into reverse, the rear vision camera automatically displays a live image of the area behind your vehicle on the Chevrolet MyLink™ touch-screen.

It’ll warn you of oncoming traffic!

Just like parking in tight spaces can be unnerving for new drivers, so can be reversing out of a spot and onto the road. Chevrolet’s available Reversing Rear Cross Traffic Alert technology utilizes radar sensors to monitor approaching traffic passing behind the vehicle and alerts you through the standard Rear Vision Camera screen.

It can see a car in your blind spot!

Changing lanes in fast moving traffic can be tricky for new drivers and a potential cause of collision. Chevrolet’s available Side Blind Zone Alert feature uses short-range radar sensors to warn you when other vehicles are in your blind zone areas. This enables you to change lanes safely without the fear of an accident.